Closing session

We will end the European Silk Road Summit with a look at the future. How will the New Silk Road Summit and rail as a sustainable modality grow? How will the future look like now subsidies are going to dissapear and what will be the effect on the rates and market? Speakers taking the stage during this session are:

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Could geopolitics bring an end to the New Silk Road?

What impact do geopolitics have on China-Europe transport routes? Tensions between China and the US have intensified sharply over the past few years, and increasingly spill over into the economic relations between China and the EU. Geopolitical rivalry with the US may have been one of the reasons why China launched its Belt and Road Initiative in the first place. This brings us to the following question: Could a further slide towards a ‘Cold War-type’ situation impact China-Europe train, maritime, and air links, and if so, how?

More speakers will be added shortly.

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