Build your Silk Road network

Networking is one of the most important aspects when joining a conference. Meeting the professionals you are looking for, sharing ideas and thoughts and discussing important topics together are central during the European Silk Road Summit 2021.

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An interactive virtual experience

The event takes place in a digital event platform where both physical and digital participants will be able to connect with each other. Next to the streaming of the programme, the platform offers many elements that will make the virtual event experience interactive and exciting. You can visit the exhibitors, network with other online participants and with the participants who are joining physically as well as participate in the discussions.


Matchmaking: Based on your preferences and interests, the platform will match you to other attendees that are relevant to you and your company.

Personal meetings: Personal meetings are the most valuable! During European Silk Road Summit 2021 you have the possibility to plan and attend 1-on-1 virtual meetings with other attendees; physical attendees and attendees joining online. Meet possible new business partners from around the world!

Join us and experience the best hybrid event of 2021!

Join us digitally at the special 5th-anniversary edition of the European Silk Road Summit, don’t miss out on the best hybrid event experience of 2021.

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