Opening session – welcome to Amsterdam!

At the opening session our moderators will welcome you in Amsterdam at the 5th edition of the European Silk Road Summit! Also the current developments, challenges and post-pandemic will be discussed in this session. The following speakers will take the stage during this session:

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Opening speech – updates and the future of the New Silk Road

The New Silk Road has paid off its efficiency in the last year. What are the results of the pandemic on the New Silk Road? And how does the future without subsidies look like? Will it generate a power shift? And how will this have an effect on the container rates?

New silk road: the European challenge
DAVID ALOIA, Head of Shuttle Net North-East Europe and Vice President Landbridge China, Hupac

David Aloia will highlight the challenges in the system, especially in China, where a proper and realistic planning is a challenge. How to cope with the actual lack of equipment, not only focused on containers, but also on the wagon set, the splitting of the units at the borders and the new and possible roads?  The system is close to reach the 10 years anniversary, and it is time to enter in a new decade of success.

Panel discussion: the decline of subsidies

If there is one thing we learnt during the pandemic, it is that the success of the New Silk Road does not rely on the Chinese subsidies. The rates of rail are attractive, and the volumes enormous. But even post-corona, the New Silk Road can do without subsidies. How will this future without subsidies look like?

More speakers will be added shortly.

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