Day 1 – 7 December

Setting the scene – updates and the future of the New Silk Road by Onno de Jong
New silk road: the European challenge by David Aloia
Silk Road – what is the potential for the Nordics and Scandinavia? by Ole A. Hagen
East-West Gate terminal: a new gateway on the New Silk Road by Adam Talosi
Destination based upon demand and developments in the market by Roland Verbraak
Transport of Chemicals along the new Silk Road – Challenges and Opportunities by Samer Ghandour
Multimodality between Europe and Far East – New chances and opportunities for liquid cargo by Alberto Grisone
The automotive industry in a year of turmoil by Alice Defranoux
Middle/southern corridor – status and perspectives by Andreas Schwilling
A geo-economic perspective on the BRI-Middle/South Corridor by Mehmet Orgen
The North-South Corridor, What business opportunities lie beneath the dusty sky of Iran by Amir Asri

Day 2 – 8 December

Container transit transportation through Russia territory: main challenges and opportunities by Yulia Kosolapova
Sustainable mobility of multimodal container transport on the basis of the railway corridor Western Europe – Eurasian countries by Irina Birman
Could geopolitics bring an end to the New Silk Road? by Frans van der Putten & Xiaoxue Martin
Workshop: Which TOS is right for my terminal by Kevin Cousaert
Workshop: How to use 5g technology in a terminal by Tamas Boday
Workshop: Sanctions and export control – Navigating your trade law compliance by Sebastiaan Bennink
Workshop: The future of Dry Containers by Sotirios Ptochos


Day 1

.                    .

Session I and II                                                                      Break-out session: Southern Corridor 


Break-out session: Special Cargo                                       Closing day 1 – CEO Panel

Day 2


Session The role of Russia on the New Silk Road           Workshops 5G (Huawei) and Sanctions (BenninkAmar Advocaten)


Workshop Dry Containers (PEOPLE)                             Workshop which TOS is right for my terminal (Navis)

Discussion Geopolitics on the New Silk Road