Break-out session I – Southern corridor

The Southern Corridor, which connects Europe and China via Turkey and Iran, has not picked up as fast as the main route. However, the ambition of the countries involved has not declined. What is needed to make this corridor a success? Which hurdles are currently in the way of its full potential? The following speakers will take the stage during break-out session I:

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Middle/southern corridor – status and perspectives
ANDREAS SCHWILLING, Senior Advisor in the Competence Center Transportation, Roland Berger

The middle and southern Silk Road corridors are still in nascent stages in terms of market and service. Scheduled trains services are limited, and active players still scarce, But the middle and southern corridors have a natural catchment area. In a recent study for UIC, Roland Berger calculated a potential of almost 400,000 TEU in 2030. Realizing this potential requires joint efforts from all players, e.g., improving awareness among shippers and logistics providers, enhancement of train frequencies and service levels, harmonization and digitalization of customs procedures, continuous investments in rail infrastructure.

A geo-economic perspective on the BRI-Middle/South Corridor
MEHMET ORGEN, Director, Corporate Affairs, RC Industry-Erciyas Holding

Belt&Road initiative is comprised of one belt-six roads and each has different geo-economic implication. These need to be evaluated from  the geo-economic perspective in  layers such as Economics, Industry, Sovereignty, Energy and Ecology/Environment. Among those, Middle Corridor has unique characteristics  with its constituent pipelines, railroads and ports.

The North-South Corridor, What business opportunities lie beneath the dusty sky of Iran
The presentation is about different aspects of using the North-South Corridor via Iran to reach the Indian and South Asian Emerging markets for European companies and vice-versa, and the benefit of using the Iran route for International Companies. Also, some notes to encourage Foreign investors to invest more in the Iranian transportation market and a short slide to introduce MAPNA Multimodal Co. and its abilities to help these issues.

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