Break-out session I – special cargo

You can choose to attend this break-out session focused on special cargo on the New Silk Road. What is the current situation and how can we face the challenges of transporting chemical, automotive and liquid cargo? Speakers in this session will be:

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Transport of Chemicals along the new Silk Road – Challenges and Opportunities
SAMER GHANDOUR, SC Operational Design – Transport Solutions, BASF

In this presentation Samer will provide an overview of activities for transporting chemical goods along the new silk road, highlighting the current market situation and opportunities. Samer will also emphasize the challenges that impact daily operations and the reliability of the service. He will point out the expectations towards the market and underline the importance of standardizing the processes and regulations to provide reliable conditions for the industry to grow in this segment and eventually also establish bulk transports of chemical goods.

Multimodality between Europe and Far East – New chances and opportunities for liquid cargo
ALBERTO GRISONE, Director Development Russia, CIS Countries and Middle East at Hupac Intermodal
Alberto will offer a panoramic view about the possibilities, challenges and evolution of the transport of liquid cargo and dangerous goods in tank containers and transporting them between Europe and the Far East analyzing the chances and hindrances for all stakeholders. He will also look at how digitization makes the process easier.

The automotive industry in a year of turmoil

The automotive industry is an important market for Eurasian rail freight. In the past year, many developments impacted this industry. The electricity prices, the demand for electric cars and the pandemic overall have all played a role. GEFCO specialises in the transport of automotive cargo and provides an overview

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