The European Silk Road Summit 2020 took place online. The digital conference connected professionals from the global rail freight industry in times of corona. More than 250 attendees listened to expert speakers from around the globe. Digital networking meetings allowed them to stay in touch with other international professionals in times of corona. The online event took place on 10 and 11 November. 

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Advantages of a virtual conference

Join from your own working space/ limited travel
The conference will be taking place in a live online environment. You are able to listen to the presentations of expert speakers from your own device. You don’t have to travel, which saves you time and money. Not to mention the reduction of the entire carbon footprint when our visitors don’t have to travel to the venue.

Interaction with the speakers and delegates
In these challenging times, we still want to bring professionals together. During the virtual conference you have the possibility of asking questions to the speakers via the chat. Your questions will be answered by the speakers live. It is also possible to ask questions anonymous.

We also want to create a networking environment, so that you can discuss the outcomes of the virtual conference with fellow industry professionals and meet new people.

Knowledge transfer
Online events are a very compact and clear source of information. You listen to the speakers, see their slides on your own device and can ask questions to the speakers or other delegates while listening.