Replay RailFreight Webinar: New Silk Road – bubble or here to stay?

On Thursday the 17th of October organised the webinar: New Silk Road – bubble or here to stay? Did you miss it? You can download the replay by filling in the form below:

The success of the New Silk Road should represent the actual market demand. This has been said by many who fear that the Eurasian corridor turns out as a noting more than a bubble.

This year was perhaps the first to indicate that no less is true. The volumes continue to rise, new destinations are still added and more and more people jump onboard. This is despite recent measures that indicate a turnaround in the financial support of the Chinese government.

The gradual slowdown of the Chinese subsidies for rail freight traffic to Europe has started. The government has put in place ceilings on the local subsidies, which will be lowered even further in 2020. In addition, empty container trains could no longer count on public support.

Train journeys are starting to represent the actual market need, Chinese authorities say. The effect of such measures and the current market developments will be discussed during this webinar.

Webinar speakers

  • Erik Groot Wassink, director special products at Nunner Logistics
  • Rob Brekelmans, rail consultant
  • Christian Heerings, commercial director at Greenport Venlo

Moderator: Majorie van Leijen, editor