New speakers on the programme of #ESRS2023 this week

– 27 September 2023 –

What do the port of Thessaloniki, GEODIS, DP World and DB Cargo Eurasia have in common? They are all represented in the programme of the European Silk Road Summit 2023. With a little more than two months to go until this event takes place in Budapest, the programme is shaping up and the list of speakers is getting longer.

Eirini Chadiari from the port of Thessaloniki, Ganyi Zhang from GEODIS, Igor Zhigora from DP World and Monika Olejniczak were added to the programme this week. They will talk about the Greek gateway, the market numbers and the Middle Corridor respectively.

The Greek gateway

Eirini Chadiari will represent the port of Thessaloniki in a discussion about the potential of the Greek gateway for cargo from China to Europe. Ports like Piraeus and Thessaloniki have great ambitions to play a role in this supply chain, but does the hinterland railway network resonate with these plans?

The fact that railways in Greece have been neglected became painfully clear after the accident in Tempi Valley, on 1 March this year. What needs to happen to fully realise the potential of the Greek railway? This will be discussed with a panel of experts from the region.

Eirini Chadiari, Member of the Board of ThPA S.A. (Port of Thessaloniki)

Ganyi Zhang, Political and Economic Analyst, GEODIS

Facts and figures

Ganyi Zhang is a political and economic strategist at GEODIS and in this capacity, she will review the development of the main route and the middle corridor under the triple shocks of the sluggish global economic recovery, geopolitical conflicts, and the plunging ocean freight rate.

The China-Europe expert will support her presentation with figures, a great way to start the day. That is why this presentation is part of the opening session, after which we can dive deeper into the routes and corridors with Grigory Savva from the EBRD and Yerzhan Naurubayev from KTZ.

Operating a rail-sea connection

Igor Zhigora is Head of Commercial Silkway and Westbound Intermodal at DP World Europe and he will join the discussion on how to operate a rail-sea connection efficiently. This discussion invites professionals on the Middle Corridor to discuss efficiency in more detail.

The main challenge on the Middle Corridor is the reloading of cargo from rail to vessel. There are at least two of these transhipment points, on both sides of the Caspian Sea. If the route takes through the Black Sea, there are four. How can this be done efficiently and who is responsible for this? What are the main gains that can still be made?

Igor Zhigora, Head of Commercial Silkway and Westbound Intermodal, DP World Europe

Monika Olejniczak, Director Sales, DB Cargo Eurasia GmbH

Operating the main route in a time of sanctions

There are still a lot of questions about the possibility of transporting goods through Russia. How to operate a train in a region where sanctions are in place? How does this impact customs control or exit permits? What does this mean for the transit time?

This will be discussed in a panel of experts in the session about the main route, which runs through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland. Monika Olejniczak will be one of these experts, drawing from her extensive experience with DB Cargo Eurasia.

European Silk Road Summit 2023

The European Silk Road Summit is one of the leadings events about rail freight between Asia and Europe. It is held from 29 November till 1 December and this year for the first time in Budapest. Apart from the regular updates on the main route and Middle Corridor, we dedicate attention to the CEE and Balkan region and the geopolitical impact on the corridor.

Do you want to share your knowledge on one of these topics and do you think you fit in one of the discussions as described on the programme page? Send us an email to:


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