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European Silk Road Summit programme complete

With the addition of Electrolux, Rail Cargo Group and the port of Zeebrugge the programme of European Silk Road Summit is now complete. At this international two-day event, which takes place from 26 to 27 November in the Dutch hub of Venlo, the latest developments on the New Silk Road are discussed by relevant stakeholders… Read more ›

Railgate Finland in Kouvala thinks big and this is why

While most European countries are gradually preparing the network to handle 740-metre length trains, in Finland it is already possible to enter the country with trains of a 1,100 metre length. Three tracks in both directions are up and running on the Vainikkala/Buslovskaya border crossing, where Finland meets Russia. It is is one of the… Read more ›

New Silk Road mature enough to withstand subsidy reduction?

Now that a reduction of Chinese subsidies for Eurasian rail freight have been more or less announced, the arguments for a standstill, slow down or on the contrary, continued growth on the New Silk Road have been made. While some fear that it will all fall apart from here, others are more optimistic than ever… Read more ›

‘UK not serious about New Silk Road’

The UK is too distracted by European relations to take full advantage of overland trade opportunities. This was said by Henry Tillman, a London based Belt and Road specialist. “The British are currently failing to fully exploit the opportunities.” As chairman of China Investment Research, the Chinese macro research arm of Grisons Peak merchant banking,… Read more ›

The much debated truck vs train question resolved

Which is faster? The train or truck to China? The answer will depend on the perspective and hence, different parties have varying statements on the debated train versus truck question to China. The truth is, the travel speed is more or less the same. The advantage of the truck is in the last-mile delivery, point… Read more ›

New Silk Road: thinking outside the state

<strong>The West misunderstands the significance of the Belt and Road Initiative. That is the view of award-winning professor Richard Griffiths of Leiden University in the Netherlands, also fellow of the International Institute for Asian Studies. He has examined the collateral benefits presented by the New Silk Road, extending far beyond the end-to-end trading opportunities with… Read more ›

Switzerland wants direct rail freight connection with China

<strong>A direct railway connection between Switzerland and China could be realised next year. Currently, trains run from Basel to China via the German hubs of Duisburg and Hamburg. However, a direct connection could benefit trade between the countries, said Tufan Khalaji, Managing Director at the Swiss branch of Nunner Logistics.</strong> In April this year Switzerland… Read more ›

Chinese subsidies for the New Silk Road on a decline

What has been anticipated for many months now seems to be happening. The Chinese subsidies for rail freight traffic to Europe are on a decline. The government has put in place ceilings on the local subsidies, which will be lowered even further in 2020. This was reported by several industry experts. There is been no… Read more ›

From Atlantic to Pacific by rail and still fresh

The Eurasian railway corridor must be extended to the Norwegian port of Narvik, where it marks the final departure for long-haul transport to the US. It would make the Nordic Silk Road complete. This was the main takeaway at the RailGate Kouvola conference, held on 26 September in the Finnish city. The Nordic Silk Road… Read more ›

Logistics hub Venlo on the map in China

Venlo may be a known a logistics hotspot in the Netherlands, it is still a relatively unknown destination in China. A cooperation between three parties is to change this. Chinese companies should know that the city on the Dutch-German border has everything to be the logistics hotspot of Europe. That is at least the ambition… Read more ›